Bonuses Offered By Online Gambling Sites

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Short Guide for Gambling on the Internet

A glimpse of the glittering prizes
It has gone to plan and you have survived up to this point, you are almost within reach of all the delicious prize money. But keep your cool and watch everyone else with a beady eye.
Watch out

� Big bucks. Blinds will be so high that all players will be concerned about them.
� In with a chance. Keep an eye on the number of players left and how many remain until the prize money kicks in.
� Yours is bigger than mine. Eye up your opponent�s chip stacks and try to work out who needs to make an all-in move.
� Naughty than nice. If you have a large stack the correct strategy is to be very aggressive in raising a very conservative in calling.
� Sit back. With just a few chips left, tighten up and allow other players to know themselves out and bring you just online pokies into the money. They may want to make a deal (see opposite) to speed up the bubble and add another couple of placings to the money list and you want to be in the game for this.

Let�s make a Deal

Deals are very common in tournaments when the blinds get so high that lady luck comes into play a lot more. The last few players are allowed to agree a deal to share the prize fund in different proportions to that originally put forward. A lot of tournaments end in this way because regardless of how big a deal the chip leader has, the blinds are so high that who wins will be more a matter of luck than skill or weight of chips.

It is important to bear in mind that any deal requires the explicit agreement of all the remaining players. If you do not like the proposed deal you do not have to accept it; simply ask the dealer to carry play online pokies on. If things continue to go your way you will end up with all the chips and the bulk of the prize money. There are three main types of deal

All players still in who subsequently get eliminated outside the original prize scale. For example, if there are eight players left and only six prizes then the players may agree that the next two players eliminated will receive a small percentage, which is taken off the first prize. The game then continues.

Complete deal
The whole prize fund is distributed among the remaining players and then the game is ended at this point. The amount each player receives will be related to the number of chips they currently have but the exact amount will be subject to negotiation.

Part deal
Part of the prize fund is distributed among the remaining players and then the game continues, normally on the basis that the winner takes all of the remaining prize money and the trophy if there is one. The deal is normally done in relation to current chip stacks.

Online Roulette

How to Win with Online Roulette

Do you like playing roulette? If you like this game then it is about time that you tried out its online version. Online gambling is very popular right now and it is not surprising that even those who are not used to gambling in real casinos are trying it out now.

If you are planning on trying out online roulette then here are a few ideas that you can use:

Make a Budget First

Before you do anything else, you need to create a budget. A budget would tell you how much exactly you can spend on your gambling. Never start playing without a clear idea on your finances and the best way to know that is to create a budget. It would be like a plan on how much you can spend.

Try to Play on the Outside

A common strategy of many online roulette players, especially those who are just new to the game is to bet on a specific number. What they are after is the huge payout that they can get when they get lucky. The problem is that the chances of your number turning up is very small. You could end up losing a lot of money that way. So if you can, you should try to play on the outside. The payout might be smaller but at least you have a bigger chance of winning.

The Right Kind of Online Roulette

There are different versions of roulette that you can play on the internet. Because of the different features of these versions some are better for players than others. European roulette is probably the best type to go for. It can give you the biggest chance to win, thatís why it is the best roulette version to go for.

Multiplayer Roulette is Better

Just because you are playing online does not mean that you have to play on your own. There are multiplayer online roulette games that you can go for. What is the advantage of multiplayer games? It allows you to see how other players play. Thatís the best way that you can develop your own strategy. It is also an excellent way to meet and connect with other people who have the same interest as you.

Save Some of Your Profits

When you start winning, you should keep your head and save some of your profits right away. That way you would walk away from the game as a winner and you would not be broke.

Choose Reputable Casinos

Where you play is very important when it comes to online gambling. There are many online casinos right now and most of those are okay, but you should still spend some time in finding the right casino that can give the biggest payouts.

With these ideas you are now ready to start playing online. Just remember that the most important thing of all is for you to enjoy your game. Your main aim should be to have fun. All the other things should just be bonuses.